Legal Notice

The following statements regulate the use of the, henceforth known as the portal, which Salvat Logística, S.A. places at the disposal of its Internet users.

Salvat Logística, S.A. is inscribed in the business register of Barcelona, Book 4857, Volume 4176, folio 70, page 53372, first inscription. The company’s headquarters are at C/ Atlántic, 102-110, Barcelona 98040. NIF: ES A.08.71155.8. Telephone 932638900, Fax: 932638940

Access to the web page is free, except for the cost of connection provided by the user’s supplier. Certain services are exclusive to our customers and access may be duly restricted. Services provided of a general nature are priced according to the corresponding commercial offer.


The use of the Portal imputes the condition of user (henceforth to be known as User), which implies adhering to the present conditions as published at the time of accessing this site. Access to certain Contents offered in this web site may be subject to certain conditions, which may substitute, complete and/or modify these general conditions in each case. Thus, prior to accessing and/or using these Contents, Users are also advised to read the corresponding conditions carefully. Salvat Logística S.A. reserves the right to modify the presentation and configuration of the Portal at any time, as well as the Portal’s General Conditions of Use. Users are recommended to read them carefully each time they visit the web site.


The Contents of this web page, including texts, graphics, photographs, logotypes, icons, images, as well as the graphic design, source code and software, are exclusively the property of Salvat Logística, S.A. or a third party, whose rights Salvat Logística, S.A. acknowledges, and which should not be understood to apply to anything beyond the correct use of the Portal.

It is strictly prohibited to use any element subject to copyright for commercial purposes, as is its distribution, modification, alteration or compilation.

Brand names, trading names, or distinctive signs are the property of the Company or third parties, on the understanding that access to the Portal gives no rights over said brand names, trading names, or distinctive signs.


3.1 General

The user is obliged to make the correct use of the Portal in agreement with the law and the Legal Warning. Failure to do so will mean answering to the Company or Third Parties for any damages caused as a result.

Publication of information, web pages, the storing of files or the public communication of any other contents involving the use of the Salvat Logística, S.A. web site (including reproduction, public communication, distribution and transformation rights) is expressly forbidden.

3.2 Contents

The User agrees to use the Contents in conformity with the law and the present Legal Warning, as well as with the other conditions, rules, and instructions which might be deemed to be applied in agreement with the conditions outlined in Clause 1.

It is strictly prohibited to use any element subject to copyright for commercial purposes, as is its distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation without the express permission of Salvat Logística, S.A.

At the same time, the reproduction or copying, even for private use, of Contents that might be considered Software or Data Base as outlined by current legislation covering intellectual property rights is forbidden, as is their public communication or availability for third parties when such activity would involve the reproduction by the User or a third party.

Any extraction and/or re-use of the whole or a substantial part of the Contents of the Portal as well as its data base is expressly forbidden.

3.3 Forms and data collection

Without prejudice to the contents of Clause 6 of the Legal Warning, the use of certain services or requests made to Salvat Logística, S.A. are dependent on the prior filling in of the corresponding User registry.

All information provided by the User through the Portal’s forms in relation to the above should be true. To this effect, the User guarantees the authenticity of all information provided, as well as agreeing to update all information to reflect the current reality of the User. In any event, the User will be solely responsible for any false or inexact information and for the damages that this might cause Salvat Logística, S.A., or third parties.

The data provided by the User will be governed by the Portal’s Privacy Policy.

3.4 Links

Internet users who wish to introduce links from their own pages to the Portal must fulfil the conditions outlined below, ignorance of which does not mean avoidance of responsibilities derived by the law.

The link can only connect with the home page or the principal page of the Portal, but cannot reproduce it in any way (online links, text copying, graphics, etc).

It is forbidden, in keeping with current legislation, to frame or encase in any way the Portal that allows for visualization of its content through Internet addresses different to that of the Portal so that: (i) it produces or could produce, confusion or mislead users as to the true origin of the service or Content, or; (ii) constitute an act of comparison or unfair immitation; or; (iii) be used to take advantage of the brand or prestige of the Company; or (iv) in any other way be prohibited by current legislation.

No link that includes false, inexact, or incorrect information about the Company, its employees, customers, or quality of its services can be included in the page from the page that hosts a link.

Under no circumstances can the page hosting the link state that Salvat Logística, S.A.has agreed to the link or that the Company in any way has paid for, collaborated with, verified, or supervised the services of the sender.

The use of any symbol, logotype, or other sign relating to Salvat Logística, S.A. on the page of the sender is prohibited except in those cases permitted by law or with the prior agreement of Salvat Logística, S.A., and in such case, any link would meet the conditions outlined in this clause.

The page providing the link must respect the law, and may not in any case place or provide links to its own contents or those of third parties that: (i) are illegal, dangerous, or immoral (pornographic, violent, racist, etc); (ii) induce or could induce in the user the misconception that the Company subscribes to, supports, or associates itself with the ideas, manifestations, or expressions, legal or illegal, of the sender; (iii) are innappropriate or not pertinent to the place, contents, or subject of the sender’s web.


4.1 Information

Access to the Portal does not imply any obligation on the part of Salvat Logística, S.A. to verify the truthfulness, exactitude, adequateness, appropriateness, completeness, or relevance of the information supplied through the same. The contents of this page are of a general nature, and do not in any way constitute the provision of a professional information service which may not be sufficient for the User to make a personal or business decision.

Salvat Logística, S.A. does not guarantee that the information supplied through its Portal be of satisfaction to the User.

Salvat Logística, S.A. is not responsible for the decisions taken on the basis of the information supplied in the Portal, nor for any damages or harm to the User or third parties as a result of any action whose sole criteria is the information contained in the Portal.

4.2 Quality of service

Access to the Portal does not oblige Salvat Logística, S.A. to assure the absence of any virus or other harmful elements. It is the user’s obligation to have the adequate virus detection and removal systems. Salvat Logística, S.A. is not responsible for any damage caused to User computers or those of third parties while its Portal is in use.

4.3 Availability of Service

Access to the Portal requires the services and supplies of third parties, including transport through telecommunications systems whose reliability, quality, continuity, and functioning does not correspond to the Company, nor can they be controled by it. Salvat Logística, S.A. reserves the right to disrupt access to its web site, as well as the service of any or all of its Contents, at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, as a result of power failures or any other reason.

4.4 Links to Contents and Services through the Portal

Access to the Portal includes links, directories, and even search engines that allow the User to access other pages and Internet portals (henceforth to be known as Linked Sites. In such cases Salvat Logística, S.A. acts as a service provider as stipulated by Article 17 of Law 32/2002 July 12 regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Trade, and will only be responsible for contents and services supplied on Linked Sites to the extent that it is aware of illegality, and that it has not disactivated the link with due dilligence. In the event that the User considers that a Linked Site contains illicit content, and wishes to request its suppression, it shall communicate this to the Company in agreement with the procedures laid out in Clause 7.

In no event should the existence of Linked Sites presuppose any agreement with the owners of the same, nor their recommendation, promotion, or identification on the part of the Company with its contents, manifestations, or services provided.

Salvat Logística, S.A. is unaware of the content and services provided by Linked Sites, and therefore is not responsible for any harm produced by the illegality, quality, relevance, unavailability, error, or non-usability of the contents and or services of Linked Sites, nor for any other damage that cannot be directly attributable to the company.


Salvat Logística, S.A. does not currently offer the possibility of electronically contracting user license for the software and data bases it is using. Nevertheless, interested Users may request a quote from Salvat Logística, S.A. outlining the essential characteristics of the product or services requested, by filling out a registration form.

Salvat Logística, S.A. bearing in mind the requested specifications, will send the User a quote with the price and other characteristics of the product or service. Interested Users will sign and return to the Company within the period of validity of the proposed contract the necessary documentation to Salvat Logística, S.A. in the manner outlined in the proposal.


In some sections of the Portal forms and or other mechanisms are to be found which are governed by the conditions outlined in Clause 3.3 regarding Privacy Policy.


In the event that the User or any other Internet user becomes aware that Linked Sites connect to pages whose content or services are illegal, damaging, denigrating, violent, or immoral, they may conact Salvat Logística, S.A. providing the following information:

Personal details of the sender: name, address, telephone number, and e-mail; Description of the nature of the illicit or innappropriate content on the Linked Site:

in the event of a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, the personal details of the owner of the infringed copyright if this is a different person to the one reporting the problem. At the same time, the necessary accreditation proving ownership of the rights, and where appropriate those of the person representing the owner.

A statement confirming that the information contained in the demand is exact.

The receipt by Salvat Logística, S.A. of the communication outlined in this clause does not suppose, according to dispositions of the LSSI, any knowledge of the activities and or content outlined in the communication.


This Legal Warning is governed in all and each of its parts by Spanish Law.